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Sound Circle Meditation:
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Do you want to change the way you think about yourself in the areas in which you lack confidence? 
Do you want to find simple ways to boost your confidence and find your voice?
Do you want to improve your public-speaking voice and learn the impact you have on others?
This one day workshop combines your desire to live life with more confidence, with my skills and knowledge gained through acting, coaching and healing; so that you can start to effect change and feel the difference.

"Thanks for Saturday's workshop- really wonderful. I was terrified about coming today, it was completely outside of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I came.  Thank you! I will definitely be using some of your tools!!!" (Emily C.)
We will work in a safe and supportive environment to explore what 'to have more confidence' means to you.

Details & Booking
TIME: 10:00 - 5:00
LOCATION: Xenia Conference Room, Secker St, London SE1 8UF (5 min. walk from Waterloo) 
Price includes Workshop workbook, '15 Top Tips' worksheet, a light lunch, tea, coffee, drinks, snacks & fruit.
  1st 3 x Spaces @ 50% off   
then 4 x Spaces @ 20% off   

All places must be paid in full to confirm.
"It was really, really, really great. The best money I've ever spent. 

The workshop will go ahead once 8 people are booked and paid.  
(In the case that eight people do not book by the 4th April 2016 the workshop will not go ahead and all parties will receive a full refund.)

Best & Blessings 

Judith x

Sounding Confident Workshops ~ Find your true voice: 
A one-day workshop to help you re-connect to breath and find your true voice; to build confidence with speaking - speaking your mind, in front of others, in any situation where you currently feel anxiety.

Also available - more in-depth version of my sound circle ~ by the end of which you should be enabled to breathe easier, access meditation methods and speak with your true voice.

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