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Sound Circle Meditation:
Please see my Sonic Meditation & Massage page:

Join us on this workshop of self-healing as you explore your conscious and subconscious connections to your voice and how you relate to colour.  

"Powerful workshop, helped releasing." (Amy Bird) 

Using sonic meditation, then working with colour essences Judith and Dee will encourage and enable you to release old patterns, beliefs and holdings in order to raise your vibration and more easily connect to your higher self
First you will open your energy centres through sounding your chakra sounds, you will be led through the sounds and a guided meditation by Judith as you sound specific tones with your voice so that you can release your holdings in the focus area.

You will then work with Dee and the colour mirrors system bottles, to revive your chakra energy through the use of colour essences. We repeat this process for each chakra so that through both processes it becomes easier for you to embody your highest vibration.

In this workshop we will be working with your base chakras 
Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus
"I was surprised at the physical releases...shocked at the release and shift.  I feel more confident about myself ...Thank you ladies" (Carolyn Steele)

Booking essential as space is limited to 10.

Details & Booking
DATE: 27th May
TIME: 3-7pm
COST: £65

LOCATION: Sanesi Yoga Co. Studio, Ealing Broadway  Click HERE
TO BOOK: email me judith@quincoaching.com  
                or call 07941 529 322

Best & Blessings 

Judith x

Sounding Confident Workshops ~ Find your true voice: 
A one-day workshop to help you re-connect to breath and find your true voice; to build confidence with speaking - speaking your mind, in front of others, in any situation where you currently feel anxiety.

Also available - more in-depth version of my sound circle ~ by the end of which you should be enabled to breathe easier, access meditation methods and speak with your true voice.

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