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Sounding Confident:
Speak with clarity and confidence. Reduce nerves, improve diction & delivery. Great for Presentations, Public-speaking, Wedding Speeches, Interviews, Auditions, Exams, General Confidence Building...
“An excellent vocal confidence coach, who approached the situation with tact, professionalism & humour, exactly what was required.”
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As well as being an holistic healer I am a classically trained actress and qualified life coach.  See www.quincoaching.com

As such, I am able to provide you with simple techniques and tools for discovering where your challenges arise from and then applying breath control, articulation and feeling secure and confident with speaking aloud; both for your self-confidence and in front of others. 

You can either come on my workshop - click herefor more information

Or, we work together on your individual requirements; I can coach you in general confidence, or on a specific speech you are needing to make, offering gentle exercises and direction so that you can find comfort in your delivery. 
If you have to write your own speech I will assist you in finding the right words to deliver optimum impact and have a writer who I recommend for more complex requirements. 
Speak the Speech...
With so much riding on giving a speech sometimes, it's good to have an extra pair of eyes and ears; someone objective who can see what you have to offer, someone who won't ignore your bad habits and who can show you how to look at your piece in a new light. 
(In the case of some audition pieces, I may even suggest you dump it and find a new one...harsh but sometimes handy!) 
With over 15 years professional acting experience and having also worked as a director, on audition panels and helping friends prepare for big TV, film, and west-end auditions I am offering you my knowledge and experience.
How Do We Work? 
I suggest starting with 3 x 60 minute or 2 x 90 minute sessions for a basic coaching - to help you become aware of your current obstacles & comfortable with new techniques and exercises - or to hone a speech. 

If you are looking for more in depth coaching then we can work on hourly or 90 minute sessions for as long as you need to work through your blocks and find confidence in your speaking-self.

As every person's needs will be different I can't say here how it will work for you. 

can say we will work on finding your challenges and goals then moving on to working with breath, clarity of thought, text analysis, building confidence, learning vocal exercises and owning both your space and the material you're working with. 
A child doing LAMDA, GCSE or A Levels is going to need a different approach to an actor going up for a role, who is going to need something completely different than a business person looking for public speaking confidence
And I have experience of all of these situations.

If you have trouble with language, can't see the words for the letters with Shakespeare, or just hate speaking in front of strangers ~ let me know. 
Where Do We Work? 
I can visit your place of work, or home if there is a space/office where we can work without interruption.  
I have a space available in central London, and Blackheath/Greenwich area, or if necessary we can work at my home.
I have venues in Greenwich and Covent Garden available to hire, this will increase the price, but if you're wanting to learn how to fill a room it may be the right choice for you.
What Does It Cost? 
£385 for 3 sessions
£40p/hr ~ for Under 18's ~ 

Student & Equity member concessions available

Corporate Rates available on request. 
I will work with individuals or groups and am able to create a specific workshop or day of sessions depending on your requirements.
What Now? Contact me! Go to the 'contact' page or call 07941 529 322.
We will discuss your needs and my approach ~ then, when you're comfortable and confident I will be able to help you we'll book our first session.
"Never having been a confident public speaker and dreading having to do presentations to large groups of fellow professionals, I decided to seek some specialised help by getting in touch with Judith, an excellent vocal confidence coach, who approached the situation with tact, professionalism and humour - exactly what was required. She concentrated on my breathing, diction and delivery.  I have since given several lectures and done so in a very confident and effective manner. "   (Bruce, 67, Legal Professional)

(Note For All: If I come a distance to you I have to charge extra for travel/time considerations I also have a 48hr cancellation notice requirement)
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