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"You are so, so good at this work, such a contribution to the world.  You must know this." 
(Catherine Deane -  Fashion Designer, creator & owner )

Combined Healing:
I combine vocal sounding, positive touch, energy work and crystal placement; as appropriate for the session.

The area of focus, combination of healing elements and style of massage or positive touch will vary in each treatment, according to your needs from our consultation which is a vital part of the treatment

Treatment can be given clothed or not, depending on the massage element involved.

Client Feedback:
   "My stress levels are very high, I know I will sleep well for at least two days after my treatment."(Trish, 55)
    "The sounding was extremely powerful...the sound vibration literally massaging areas of holding. I experienced an emotional release with it just where I needed it most. ,..I am now a convert to the power of sound vibration" (Rebecca)

Sonic Massage ~ What do I do?
My Sonic Massage combines the massage that you enjoy with my sounding. I sound using my voice, through cupped hands, directly on you (through the towel) or around you in the room. 

I work intuitively, the sounds that come are not 'music' as such, sometimes melodic, sometimes like language, gentle, or strong, the sound changes as I move around the body and no one treatment is the same as the next.  Sometimes the sound is silence.
The sound channels through me and is delivered where I feel it is required, it is not only a physical feeling, but also a gentle but powerful release for emotional and energetic holdings.

Client Feedback:
 "I was a little sceptical as to how a sonic massage could help over and above the other treatments.  I am no longer a 'doubter' it was amazing, my whole body trembled and 'fell into place'.......the feeling of well-being stayed with me for several days."   (Lindy)

I created my combined healing treatment having
been practising for several years as a professional massage therapist, reiki practitioner and sound healer. 

I can still offer these treatments individually if required:
Holistic Healing Head Massage:
Hot Stone Massage:
Holistic/Swedish Massage:
Deep Tissue Massage:
Pregnancy Massage & Labour Massage Techniques:

For information on the benefits of massage this link simply outlines the many ways massage may help you:

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