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I have been working with sound since 2008; both experiencing sound healing and incorporating sound into my massage treatments & meditation with wonderful results.

How does sound heal?
A very basic description of how sound works as a healing practice is this:

All matter vibrates, everything in creation has a resonant frequency, so when we sound every single one of our cells responds physically, changing their vibration, releasing and transmuting its energy.

If you think about how sound travels through water, and that our bodies are made of over 80% water.... imagine sound travelling through you....

Sound has been used for millenia as a healing tool: chanting, drumming, music, all being used to change human state of consciousness which, in turn, effects our emotional and physical state of being. 

And now, modern science has re-awoken to show us that the physical world is created from vibrating energy and sound is used in medcine for a variety of reasons such as to break down kidney-stones or create pictures of babies in the womb.

I have worked with renowned sound healer & voice coach Stewart Pearce, most recently helping to facilitate his Alchemy of Voice course workshops.   The chakra sounds he uses are the base of my sound circle meditation:

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