Hands & Voice Holistic Healing & Coaching - Member of Embody & CThA
"Judith you have helped shift me out of a haze…This is what has been missing in my life, some structure & clarity, these are achievable lists…You’ve allowed me to be gentle with myself ~ I’m not beating myself up about not getting things done.”
(Siobhan O’Connor ~  Owner, Cara Grace
Cranio-sacral practitioner & holistic business mentee)

It doesn't matter where you live as coaching is just as effective by phone or Skype.

Coaching helps you create the path that you want to follow to achieve the goals you set.  It enables you to set your targets and actions, because my way of doing something or getting somewhere might match with yours.
Mentoring offers advice, guidance and opinion when it’s asked for.  It works really well in combination with coaching - enabling you to find what it is you want and how you want to get there but with some shared experience alongside you.

Coaching puts YOU at the centre of your life, enabling you to make the changes that you are ready, willing and able to make.

Discover the focus and drive to create the life you want to be living.

"Judith's coaching was instrumental in assisting me with some recent career choices" (Malcolm Wild)

Call or email me now if you want to:  
  • Move forward in your life from where you feel trapped and stuck, to where you want to be

  • Free yourself from the fear-filled beliefs that keep you where you are and which no longer serve you

  • Discover what your priorities truly are

  • Develop your career or grow your business

  • Be supported through the process as you discover that you hold the key to unlocking your own potential - when you're willing to do the work to make it happen

     "I found the process invaluable in helping me to move forward"
    (Sukhvinder Khaur)
Empowering you to get the results you want and to live to your quintessential truths, dreams, goals and desires.
Me: In brief!
In May 2010 I had a handful of regular clients and so I left my executive PA job in the city.   

Since then Healing, Coaching & Acting have been my life. 
I run workshops and am invited to speak and run demonstrations at other people's events and workshops, and am no-longer living in a bed-sit!

I'm growing, expanding and looking forward to seeing where life takes me.
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